What principles should be followed when using oxygen cylinders.

The oxygen cylinder manufacturer stated that in the process of using the cylinder, strictly following the principles of using the cylinder can ensure the safety of the cylinder. Whether in the process of transportation or storage, there are some safety issues. So, what principles should be followed in the use of steel cylinders? Now let us talk about some principles that we need to follow: high-pressure gas cylinders must be stored in different places in different categories, and they should be fixed and safe when placed upright; gas cylinders should be kept away from heat sources to avoid exposure and strong vibration; the number of gas cylinders in the laboratory is generally not Should be more than two on the shoulders of the cylinder, the following signs should be marked with a steel stamp: manufacture date, cylinder model, working pressure, air pressure test pressure, air pressure test date and next delivery date, gas volume, cylinder weight, in order to avoid using the various Confused when planting steel cylinders, the cylinders are often painted with different colors and the names of the gases in the cylinders. The pressure reducer selected on the high-pressure gas cylinder should be classified and dedicated. The oxygen cylinder manufacturer recommends that the screws be tightened to prevent leakage; when opening and closing the pressure reducer and on-off valve, the action must be slow; when the oxygen cylinder manufacturer uses it, it should be opened first The on-off valve is then the pressure reducer; when it is used up, first close the on-off valve, and then close the pressure reducer after exhausting the remaining air. Do not just turn off the pressure reducer, do not close the on-off valve. When using high-pressure gas cylinders, the operator should stand in a position perpendicular to the gas cylinder interface during operation. Knocking or impact is strictly prohibited, and frequent checks for air leaks. Pay attention to the reading of the pressure gauge.

Post time: Oct-20-2022