Do you know the manufacturer’s requirements for placing oxygen cylinders

The model used in the current situation may be temporarily applicable, but changes in usage over time should be considered. Treatment or adjuvant treatment: Due to the need for regular quantitative treatment and continuous treatment, the dosage per unit time period will be relatively large, and with the change of the disease, the oxygen consumption is constantly changing. Oxygen cylinder manufacturers recommend using 15-liter or higher models for daily health care: From the perspective of daily health care, oxygen consumption is relatively stable. The specific measurement method can be combined with the calculation of the cost to determine the appropriate household oxygen cylinder. With the continuous development of the economy, the progress of the industry is obvious to all. We all know that in different industries, there are different types of equipment available, including industrial gas cylinders. Do you know the requirements for the use and placement of gas cylinders? The anti-dumping measures are reliable in use. If the remaining volume in the bottle is greater than 0.05Mpa, and the site inventory with a filling volume of 0.5-1 liquefied gas is less than 5 bottles and more than 5-20 bottles, fire and explosion-proof measures should be taken. If it is a warehouse above level 2, the open flame distance is greater than 10 meters and the combustion aid is 5 meters, and it is strictly prohibited to use the temperature exceeding 40 ℃. Oxygen cylinder manufacturers indicate that oxygen cylinders and industrial gas cylinders should not be near heat sources, electrical equipment, grease and other flammable materials. When using industrial gas cylinders, pay attention to fixing them to prevent tipping. It is strictly prohibited to use lying down. For industrial gas cylinders that have been lying down, it is not allowed to directly open the gas cylinder and stand for 15 minutes before use, and then connect the pressure reducer. When using, transporting and storing industrial gas cylinders, the ambient temperature should not exceed 30°C, and the gas cylinders should be placed upright with measures to prevent overturning. Do not place it on rubber and other insulators. The distance between the gas cylinder and the open flame shall not be less than 20 meters.

Post time: Oct-20-2022