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A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel for storage and containment of gases at above atmospheric pressure.

High-pressure gas cylinders are also called bottles. Inside the cylinder the stored contents may be in a state of compressed gas, vapor over liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in a substrate material, depending on the physical characteristics of the contents.

A typical gas cylinder design is elongated, standing upright on a flattened bottom end, with the valve and fitting at the top for connecting to the receiving apparatus.

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The products include nine specifications, including 152mm, 219mm, 229mm,232mm,279mm in diameter, 1L-82L normalizing bottles and mixing bottles of various models, including eleven kinds of compressed gas cylinders, including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Krypton, Neon, Air, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Hernia, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Sulfur Hexafluoride, Hydrogen Chloride, Ethane, Ethylene, Trichloromethane, Hexafluoroethane, Vinylidene Fluoride, Silane, Phosphorane, Tetrafluoromethane.

Fourteen kinds of high pressure liquefied gas cylinders, including boron trifluoride, and nine kinds of low pressure liquefied gas cylinders, including Ammonia, Chlorine, Boron Trichloride, Bromotrifluoromethane, Sulfur dioxide, and liquefied petroleum gas, have been successively added to various high-purity gas cylinders, including electronic gas, standard gas, environmental protection gas, medical gas, welding gas, sterilization gas, which can be widely used in medicine, aviation, science and technology, electronics, power, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, steel Non ferrous metal smelting, thermal engineering, biochemistry, environmental monitoring, medical research and diagnosis, fruit ripening, food preservation and other high-end important fields.

In accordance with the basic requirements of the quality assurance system for the manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance of special equipment, we have implemented all-round quality management and established a quality, environment and occupational health management system that meets the requirements of ISO9809-1, ISO14000 and OHSAA18000. While ensuring the provision of high-quality products, we pay more attention to environmental protection, occupational culture construction and the physical and mental health of employees to ensure the scientific, efficient, sustainable and healthy development of the company.

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